Types of truck bed covers

Truck bed covers are available in various types depending upon the material of construction and the opening style. The perfect opening style of the truck bed cover would add to the functionality of the truck bed. We need to choose the most suitable type for our particular weather conditions and usually the size of materials we load on truck beds.

Different types of truck bed covers:

  • Folding truck bed covers:
    These truck bed covers are made of aluminum framing and spread with materials such as vinyl, durable canvas or leather. These can be easily fitted to the cabin side of truck beds with provided clamps or any other mechanism that doesn’t require any drilling. These can be folded in double or trifold design towards the cabin end, and we can have better access to almost the entire truck bed. There are folding covers that come with a locking arrangement as well.
  • Rolling truck bed covers:
    These covers are made with softer materials such as vinyl or leather and can be rolled towards the cabin area to access the truck bed. These can be sealed along their edges for preventing dust and rain water from entering the bed area and thus we can protect our goods loaded on the truck bed during transit. These are best suited for areas that are hot and dusty. As there are no any hard panels in these covers; these can remain intact in extreme temperatures without elongating or losing the shape and size.
  • Retractable truck bed covers:
    These covers can be quickly installed with a clamp in designs and fit flushing to the upper portion of side railing of truck beds. Thus, these are best suited for adequate theft protection. With a full-width handle, these covers can be opened from both the sides and can even be removed entirely for complete access to truck beds.
  • Hinged truck bed covers:
    These truck bed covers are hinged to structural beams and can be opened either from one side or can be custom designed to open from both the sides, making the cover inclined while opening.