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Top wireless wearable technology gadgets to own

JBL UA Sport Wireless Heart Rate Headphones are available for $200 from the JBL outlets and online stores around the US and the world or for £169.99 in the UK. It is a sports Wireless Heart Rate Headphone fixed with JBL Audio, also known as the UA Sport Wireless Heart Rate Headphones. These connect to the JBL company’s Record platform that is completely free for all users. As an app, it works well to enable users to track workouts with exceptional details and analysis. These are picking up in the wearable tech market because most runners and walkers and other people involved in cardio vascular exercise prefer using headphones to stay inspired during their workouts.

The aforementioned app also gives audio updates to users in terms of things like heart rate and heart rate zones, pace, distance and more to help improve the workout quality. The fact that these earphones stay inside the ear while working out instead of being on the top of the head or some such, has made them very popular amongst fitness conscious people.

The credibility and niche that JBL has managed to cover in the market with these headphones have also influenced the gym clothing brand Under Armour, who is now enlisting the help of audio experts JBL and are developing a series of in-ear Bluetooth headphones. These Bluetooth headphones are unique because they also come attached with a heart rate monitor. Although brands like Bose and Jabra also manufacture and design in-ear sports headphones with integrated heart-rate sensors, there are very few headphones in the market that offer this feature, and out of those available, very few match up to the required quality and efficiency.

Another interesting product worth making note of is the MyontechMbody connected shorts that are available from €820.88 or $885 or £711 at Myontech. These shorts have been specially designed for triathletes, cyclists, and duathletes. Although the price may seem a little excessive, the company claims that these are the most comprehensive, user accommodating and advanced training system one can use since they track heart rate, speed, distance and other parameters.