Top 4 sweepstakes to enter in 2018

In order to win sweepstakes, you have to follow a secret and the secret to winning sweepstakes is to get your daily entries each day. You have to be active and aware of the various sweepstakes available online.  Here is the list of top five sweepstakes of 2018 that you can enter to win especially for you to get your luck going.

There is no long list required to get yourself a confirmed entry in them. You can enter to win sweepstakes easily in just a few minutes. However, the trick is to stay updated and active and this will help you win some of the amazing prizes which will be given to you. Below is the list of those websites:

HGTV Smart Home Sweepstakes
If you love technology, then this sweepstake is for you as they are giving away a $100,000 cash along with a technology-filled smart home. The home is done up with posh furnishings, artworks etc. You can enter to win this sweepstake and you never know when you might get lucky.

Ritz Sweepstakes
These are the sweepstakes that offer daily grand cash prizes of around $100 to $100,000 for the people participating in it. To enter the sweepstakes, one needs to be a citizen of the country and has to be above 18 years old. Beat the Streak
Here you have to be tricky and be the best basketball fan. In short, all you have to do is to guess the best player that will score a hit during each day’s match of MLB. You can have a chance to win a prize up to $5.6 million. The frequency of this will be around a single person per email and it is open to all the citizens of the country.

Camelback- Adventure of a Lifetime Sweepstakes
Upon entering into this sweepstake, you can stand a chance to win a family vacation on an annual basis for 20 years. In addition, there are attractive cash prizes as well.

You can enter to win sweepstakes from any of these above-mentioned options. Just log on to one of the best websites and stand a chance of winning a good amount or exciting goodies daily.