Top 3 razor types for sensitive skin

People with sensitive skin face severe skin rashes and irritation after shaving. Sometimes the rashes or cuts can develop infections. To avoid these issues, it is ideal to choose the correct type for a razor. Below are top 3 types of razors that are perfect for people with sensitive skin:

Electric razors– The electric razor blades are proven to help people with sensitive skin on a large scale and here are few of the electric ones that you could try out:

Braun Series 7: The electric razors of this series from the German company, Braun, are great in nature if you are looking for a  comfortable shave and a sharp and a clean look devoid of one ounce of irritation on the skin. The advanced technology has the feature of lubricating, cleansing, and drying your face once you touch the power button.
Braun Series 9: To get your shave done in a jiffy, the models of Braun Series are the best. The several cutting components offer an excellent performance along with approximately 40,000 cutting actions in every minute.

Safety razors– Safety razors have a device for protection between the blade’s edge and the skin. The main purpose of safety razors is to reduce injuries one can have while shaving. Razors with blade replacement options and disposable razors are prominent in today’s times. These razors offer options of one to almost five cutting edges. Some of the safety razors you can choose are:

Seki Edge Feather All Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor: The well-designed safety razor has an extra hold which is great for giving you a clean look. The Japanese craftiness is made with such components that can never give you skin irritation.
Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor: If you like a firm and short-designed safety razor, this can be the best razor for sensitive skin. No sensation or burns, the safety razor takes care of the ingrown hair as well.

Cartridge Razors– In order to avoid skin infections, cartridge razors are the best bet. Designed for comfortable shaving, these razors are similar to safety razors. However, these razors require the removal and change of the entire head assembly and not just the blade (as in safety razors). These razors commonly offer the choice of having multiple blades set in the cartridge head. One of the best cartridge razors in the market today for sensitive skin is:

Gillette Mach3 Sensitive: The Gillette Mach3 Sensitive is perfect for sensitive skin. The lubricating strip added along with the blade is lab tested and proven to avert risks skin problems. Additionally, the razor comes with three blades enhancing the smooth shaving experience.

Switching razors to razors can worsen the issue related to sensitive skin and this is why you need to use only the razors that will not cause any to no irritation. Moreover, if you have sensitive skin apart from choosing the right razor it is also vital to understand the shaving techniques and ensure proper shaving aftercare.