The Chevy Bolt, the unimaginably fuel efficient car

The Chevy Bolt EV, the Motor Trend’s 2017 car of the year is fuel efficient as it gives an estimated EPA of 238 miles. The electric need not be a compact small car with crumpy interiors! The Chevy Bolt EV with its spacious interiors and advanced technology makes it the best luxury fuel efficient car.

The advanced braking system of the vehicle where the brakes can be applied by just pulling the paddle on the steering wheel makes it the most user-friendly car. This feature adds to the fuel efficiency as the energy is transferred to the battery instead of being lost when slowing down. Isn’t it great to slow down or stop the car by just lifting the foot off the accelerator! This makes this vehicle, even more, fuel efficient.

Coming to the gears of the Chevy Bolt EV, the electronic selection of gears makes it easy to apply gears without putting much effort. This electronic vehicle gives a range of 90 miles for 30 minutes of charging which makes it extremely fuel efficient.

The best part is that the charging of the car can be done at home with the right equipment. The charging is 5 times faster when compared to the conventional methods of charging. The charging equipment can be installed in the indoor or outdoor which makes it even more convenient to charge.

The technology used in designing the battery which is nickel-rich lithium technology adds life to the battery. When coming to exteriors, the perfectly designed exterior makes it a head turner.

The detailed information about the vehicle such as the battery level, range estimation, climate controls and the range estimation can be seen on the 10.2-inch touch screen which makes it convenient for the user to manage the vehicle.

The features such as Apple Carplay, Andriod Auto, 4G LTE Wi-Fi makes this vehicle a technologically advanced vehicle. The numerous camera and radar based systems installed add to the safety and protection features of the car. The safety features inside the car help in preventing injuries to the driver as well as the passengers as it is designed with 10 airbags!