The best alcohol treatment centers in the US

When battling with drug or alcohol addiction, it is essential to avail the best treatment you can afford. This article compiles some of the well-known, best alcohol rehab centers across the country:

Addiction Solutions of Florida: It is a specialized and one of the best drug and alcohol treatment centers. It is located in South Florida. This is a private facility where they offer a tranquil environment that helps start the healing process. They also offer individual and affordable treatment options. It is a small 24-bed, male-only guest center. Treatment is done on a one-on-one basis and is completely personalized. The clients are not left alone. They can opt to also go home with their solutions facilitator to help them integrate into the community again.

Hawaii Island Recovery: It is an 8-bed, luxury alcohol rehab and treatment facility located in Hawaii. The staff includes highly trained and licensed professionals. They utilize evidence-based treatment protocols and treat patients dealing with opiate, opioid, alcohol, cocaine, and many other illicit substance abuse. They also treat behavioral addictions for food, sex, pornography, and gambling. They encourage and support AA and NA fellowship.

Sober College: This rehab is for young adults, aged from 18 to 26. This is a long-term treatment facility which provides an academic experience with comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment. The college has a dual purpose addressing every part of the young adult’s life. The youngsters are given individual attention. They accept health insurance plans; programs are gender specific and designed for young adults.

APEX Recovery Rehab: They offer a holistic and psychological approach to treat addiction. The addiction treatment programs consist of yoga, meditation, dietician counseling, physical fitness, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, and much more.

Northeast Addictions Treatment Center: This is a private treatment center located in New England. With a highly qualified and professional team, this center stands tall.

Broadway Treatment Center: Based out of Huntington Beach, it has the highest standards of addiction treatment. They have designed their program to help clients to recover from drug and alcohol addiction by providing daily support and treatment. Clients are supervised 24 hours and have programs for male and females.

Indiana Center for Recovery: Located in Indiana, they are bang in the center of luxurious addiction treatment centers. Here, they make sure that you spend your time to focus on recovery. They have a five-pronged approach physical fitness, mentally sound, emotionally mature, socially responsible, and spiritually resilient.

Arrow Passage Recovery: This is a small, intimate facility that offers luxurious treatment facilities to their clientele. They have medical detox to Residential Treatment services and have all levels of outpatient care. This is a secluded mansion-style home providing comfort, elegance, and a friendly staff. The clinical team is skilled with a minimum of Masters Degrees and licensed professionals.

The Ranch at Clear Springs: They offer full service care beginning with medical detox, residential care, and outpatient care.  The Ranch has one of the finest treatment facilities in the country.