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Simple tips for choosing the right fit for your chairs covers

Dressing up your furniture not only adds to the décor style of your house but sure feels good too. If you think that slipcovers are outdated, then you may find yourself selecting the right recliner covers, chair or sofa slipcovers exciting. However, beyond the good looks, there are several factors you must keep in mind while picking the right slipcovers.

The most important in that respect would be the fabric texture, weight, and fit. It is similar to picking up an apparel for yourself. Slipcovers completely change the way your chairs or sofa will look. However, it is just a cosmetic change, and the structural getup remains the same. If the sofa is too bumpy with the springs jutting out, they may also be visible through the sofa’s slipcover at times. To get that perfect look, you may consider reupholstering or buying a new set of furniture before putting up those pretty slipcovers.

Choosing the right look is very important. Rest of your furniture style and room setup will be a good factor to consider before deciding whether you want a tailored fit, a loose and flowing style, a floral look, checked or striped designs.

If you are looking for a casual and relaxed fit for your recliners, loose recliner covers could be the best option. For a more formal look, a tailored, closely fitted slipcover for chairs and sofas would be more appropriate. The shape of the furniture matters too, so decide before you buy anything.

Following some general rules can be the right thing to do while selecting the appropriate fabric. Every kind of fabric is not suitable for slipcovers. Fabrics that are too heavy like velvet do not work too well as sofa, chair or recliner covers. Medium weight fabrics are considered the best for this purpose because they provide a great fit to furniture. Linen, cotton, canvas, hemp herringbone, denim, and cotton matelassé are some of the fabrics that best suitable as slipcovers due to their durability, washability and hand feel factor.