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Samsung Galaxy cell phones: The innovative move in technology

Samsung has been a leading name in the electronic industry and a trusted smartphone brand since many years now. They are admired for their periodical upgrade of the Samsung Galaxy mobiles as they introduce the latest models with exciting additional features that were not available in the earlier models of the same series.

Most of the models of this series have an adequate display size. The bright display has a unique fluid-like view and the appearance of the phone is clean and unbranded. If we wish to avoid average videos on a 5.8 inches’ screen, we can get the better, 6.2 inches’ display in the latest Samsung Galaxy cell phones as well.

The home button that has been now completely turned virtual, we receive a haptic feedback in response. The latest models of Samsung Galaxy phones don’t come with a physical home button. Moreover, they also provide a fingerprint scanner on the backside of the phone just below the camera.

The selfie camera deployed on the latest model of Samsung Galaxy S8 captures 8MP photos with additional auto-zooming features. These features are a hit with selfie lovers.

Samsung has utilized authentication by facial recognition in the latest models of Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S8. Thus, users will be able to unlock the phone quickly in a matter of a second by using this feature.

Samsung has introduced virtual assistance to get the things done quickly using smartphones. Users can set reminders, search quickly through photo galleries, and connect the smartphone screen to Wi-Fi supported TVs. These tasks can be performed by pressing the “Bixby” button and talking to it. This can also be used to identify some of the physical objects.

The latest model of the Samsung Galaxy phones supports Bluetooth 5. This would enable the users to adapt to a headphone jack for hands-free applications on the go.

Thus users can find new and exciting features by switching to the latest models of the Samsung Galaxy cell phones.