Pros and Cons of buying used cars from a dealer

Buying a used car for a reasonable deal at a good dealer is warranty enough for most buyers as they get to have their pick from a variety of used car deals within a fixed budget. The main advantages of buying from a dealer are:

  • Certified pre-owned (CPO) program: Buying from a CPO dealer will ensure that the deal is fail-safe as they are used cars vouched by their own brand and have the perks of warranty and roadside assistance. It is the ultimate deal if a buyer can get a CPO used car as the car would have met certain requirements including the age of the car and mileage as well as passed a series of service checks to be certified.
  • A little extra: Dealers like to close their deals and therefore put up catchy offers and discounts to please their customers. Building a rapport with the salesman will also ensure you get some added perks like an extra service or an accessory free of cost.
  • Trading: Dealers try to get the best out of the sale and therefore go the extra mile to try and fit your need by even give trade-ins which will help lower the total cost paid for a period of time.
  • Negotiation: While the dealer may not readily jump for a drop in price, they would be willing to give their customers the satisfaction of the sale through their discounts and coupons, or get their hands on a used car sale.
  • Finance: Money would still be a constraint for used car buyers because they may not have enough credit to get even small sanctions. Dealers’ ties with financial institutions help in guiding the buyer towards picking out a viable option that will enable them to purchase a used car of their choice.

However, there are certain factors that should not be overlooked when buying from a dealer. Pricing is always slightly close to or higher than the actual owner value because that’s how the third-man parties make profits. Since the salesmen are trained professionals, they do not take no for an answer and always try to convince you to pick a bigger deal.