Preventive care for dealing with gout foot pain

Gout can be an excruciating form of health condition. Learning how to keep it under control and getting pain relief for gout will help patients lead a normal life. One thing to remember is that gout pain can recur and hence, preventive care is of primary importance while managing this condition.

Preventing recurring gout attacks
Preventive care is unquestionably significant in case of gout foot pain. While there are medications that patients with gout regularly take such as those that control uric acid levels in the body, here are some suggestions and lifestyle changes that can help to prevent gout attacks.

  • Wearing comfortable shoes is essential. Shoes that provide the right cushioning to the feet, proper arch support and are a proper fit will keep your feet protected.
  • When it comes to footwear, people who have a risk of gout foot pain should prefer wearing sneakers rather than shoes. Heels and boots can increase the chances of a gout attack. Sneakers are ideal for you if your lifestyle demands prolonged standing or walking. High heels tend to put pressure on your toes and increase the recurrence of gout foot pain.
  • Regular foot exercises are ideal for your condition. Stretching your feet on a daily basis will strengthen them as well as prevent a gout attack. Common exercises that you can try with ease are rotating your ankle and flexing your feet.
  • If you have regular gout attacks, you should avoid putting too much stress on your foot joints. This can include prolonged inactivity or too much pressure on the feet by walking or standing for long hours.
  • Obesity can be very dangerous for gout. You should work at maintaining a healthy body weight to manage your condition.
  • When it comes to eating right to regulate gout, avoid eating foods that are high in purines such as seafood, red meat, and organ meat. Alcohol too should be avoided.

Taking good care of your feet reduces chances of frequent gout attacks. Also, keep monitoring the uric acid levels in your body to prevent gout flare-ups.