Make an informed decision, go for Chevrolet.

If a customer is disappointed by an automobile because of its poor performance, then the car book value is going to disappoint him again. Therefore, making a wrong choice at the time of purchasing a new car might have multi fold disadvantages for a customer.

The value of a car is bound to depreciate the moment it hits the road. General wear and tear from everyday use can chip away at the value of the car. A little dent here, a sudden brake that affects the gear or tyres, the use of air conditioning, the general flushing mechanism etc can all become contributing factors. There are several car companies, which have a comparatively higher depreciation rate. These car companies tend to have much lower car book value of its used cars. Low expected life of automobiles, produced by these car companies if one of the prime factors. Therefore, even if there is a great demand for used cars in the market, these used cars would still have comparatively much lesser car book value. Thus it becomes important for you to choose your automobile diligently. The reason is obvious, why a customer would buy something which is expected to break down soon.

There are several market analysts and research companies which have compared and analyzed car book value of different automobile companies. iSeeCars,  a research company, conducted a survey and analyzed the difference in price between a new car and a one-year-old used car. The survey reports concluded that Chevrolet Colorado had the least difference in the price between a new car and a one-year-old used car. Merely 7% depreciation is evident enough to conclude that Chevrolet manufactured cars tend to stay high in demand, and thus have a great car book value. Such high car book value of cars manufactured by Chevrolet suggests that Chevrolet has been successful in obtaining trust and satisfaction of its automobile buyers.

A diligent buyer would always make a comparative analysis, before making a choice. Car book value is just another item in the check list of the things to be considered by the customer before making a choice.