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Know more about the federal free cell phone initiative

A cell phone has moved out of the luxury section to necessity section. However, these cell phones do charge a bit and sometimes not everyone is able to afford due to their poor financial condition.

Cell phones don’t just keep you connected but they are also important for potential employers and other authorities to reach out you. To help you stay connected to the world, the government has backed the Lifeline Assistance Program as a part of which individuals can avail of a cell phone and a free monthly service. which may be out of their financial means otherwise.

Under this program, the plan offered to the beneficiaries is 250 minutes or more of talk time and texting credit. This service can be used with the handsets which are sent by the company, such as the Q Link wireless phones, on completion of the enrolment process. The program was initially introduced for landline phones and landline phone plans. But now it has been extended to cell phones which can benefit over 5 million Americans.

As a part of the Lifeline Assistance Program, Q Link Wireless, in particular, offers 350 minutes per month with 500MB monthly data and unlimited texts. The Q Link wireless phones are also sent as a part of the program. These phones offer seamless network coverage in almost all states of America. Q Link Wireless is one of the most preferred companies for using this government benefit of free communication plans and instruments.

Individuals who are already receiving other government benefits like food stamps, housing assistance, and pension program among others may qualify for it. Staying connected has become more important than ever both on a professional as well as on a personal basis, and you can achieve all that with Q Link wireless phones under the Lifeline Assistance program or otherwise.