Interior checklist to buy the best used cars

When one is looking to buying the best used car, there are so many points to keep in mind. The external appearance of the car must no doubt be good. At the same time, it is important to check the solidity of the frame and all the external components such as the engine, the fan belt, the head gasket, the radiator and so on.

Having done a thorough check of the exterior of the car, make a checklist of what you need to assess inside the car.

The most important thing to check inside the car is the reading on the odometer. Check the mileage on the car and ensure that it is consistent with the mileage you would expect in a car of that year and model. Usually, with consistent use, there has to be a certain mileage increase year on year. If the figures seem lower than likely then there is a possibility that the seller might have manipulated the odometer. So take the time to verify this. Also, the older a car is, even if the mileage is relatively low, make sure that you check will still perform at less than optimum capacity.

Run your hands over the seats and upholstery, especially the portions that are not immediately visible to ensure that there are no tears or hidden stains. Also, sit in all the seats to ensure that they are comfortable and do not have any worn out springs that may cause discomfort.

Turn on the air-conditioning and test it when the car is in motion. Check with the seller about the kind of coolant used. It is preferable to go in for a car that uses R134 coolants as they are newer models.

If the car runs on an automatic computerized system, ensure you check each window and all the other essential components, like the braking system. Also, check all lights and sensors inside and outside the car.

While these may seem relatively minor in comparison to the cost of the car, these small details may actually add up to a lot of expenses, money that you may not want to spend on a car that is already old and used.