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Here’s why you need to buy a 4K TV

After a long tiring day, plonking in front of the television would be one of the best things anyone can do, especially if the TV is as fancy as a 4K TV.

According to a report by Strategy Analytics, the end of 2016 saw almost 11 million North American homes owning a 4K TV. But before we get into that number and the reason for such a high number, let us understand what a 4K TV is.

Also known as Ultra High Definition (UHD), the 4K is a TV set that is characterized by 8 million pixels. This means four times the number of pixels on a normal 1080p display TV set. A 4K TV has a resolution that is about 23 times more than the resolution of a standard definition TV. Now, this is a huge number.

Now, getting back to what has led to the rise of 4k TV sales in the North American market, there could be three main reasons for this. These are:

  • Falling prices of 4K TVs: This could be one of the main factors in the rise of 4K TV sales. Most people want the best, especially when it comes at a reduced price. No one would leave a 4K TV when its prices are falling.
  • Increased shipments: The number of shipments of 4K TV sets in the North American region increased by a whopping 70 percent according to the report by Strategy Analytics. This could be another factor that has led to the rise of 4K TV sales.
  • The bigger, the better: According to the same report by Strategy Analytics, most North Americans have a fondness for big TV sets as compared to most other regions across the world. This could well be another reason for an increase in 4K TV sales. In fact, by 2020, all TV sets that are 40 inches and above that sell in North America will be only Ultra HD 4K sets.

And given some of the best TV deals that the American market offers to consumers, every single North American home will house at least a minimum of one 4K TV set.