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Here’s how to grab great T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus deals

The best feature of T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus deal is that when you buy one Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, you get another for free. Such offers are usually available for a very limited period, so it’s best to get yours before stocks run out.

What must you know before availing the offer?
For a limited period of time, Magenta is offering new as well as existing customers the opportunity to get an S8 Plus for free, as long as they buy one first. However, there’s is some fine print that you should not ignore. Firstly, the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus deal holds good only when you have an installment plan with T-Mobile. So as a new customer, you would have to get the Equipment Installment plan and activate the T-Mobile One Unlimited plan. You would be paying monthly on these plans for 2 years for both phones. However, once the plans are activated, you will need to fill the online rebate form on to your T-Mobile account, and you will receive a cashback within two months.

Remember that the rebates are available in the form of prepaid Master Cards. Those applying for a rebate on the Samsung Galaxy S8 plus T-Mobile will receive $750, while the figure will be $800 for the S8 Plus. One must apply for the rebate within 30 days of plan activation.

Why get the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus deal?
An amazing 6.2-inch QHD display on the Samsung Galaxy S8 ensures that visibility of the screen is clear. The S8 Plus comes with the latest Android 7.0 Nougat. Expect its battery to give you up to 31.6 hours of talk time on a single charge. Samsung Galaxy S8 plus T-Mobile comes with a powerful 12MP rear camera and 8MP front camera. The 64GB internal memory ensures that you have adequate space for all kinds of files.

Those who consider the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus deal to be lucrative would tell you that the user interface of this phone is too snazzy. Additionally, with the S8 Plus, you also get Gear VR.