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Here are 3 popular 60-Inch TVs that are best buys for you

TV, a common entertainment unit in all households has become smarter and slimmer over the years. Now, there are TVs of various sizes with various innovative features available in the market.

Among the bigger models, the 60-inch ones are less common. The sizes available are either 55 inches or 65 inches or 70-inch TVs. Very few brands offer 60-inch models, these days. The 60-inch TVs offer a large display and an amazing viewing experience for your entire family.

Here are our top picks of the 60-inch TV models available out there in the market.

  • 60-inch Samsung KS8000: This model has been touted as one of the best buys in this size range. The TV offers a clear, bright, and colorful display. The TV’s screen finish and ability to handle reflection is like no other 60-inch TV. This smart TV performs very well in bright rooms and has a sleek and minimalistic design.
  • 60-inch Vizio M Series: Another popular and cheaper smart TV in the 60-inch category. A few features worth highlighting of this model include efficient full array backlighting, a SmartCast system from the maker, and a High Dynamic Range (HDR) system. With all these features and lower price than its contemporary models, it makes for an affordable 60-inch smart TV. The TV has a beautiful design, too.
  • 60-inch Samsung KU6300: Another brilliant piece in the smart TV category, the 60-inch Smart TV from Samsung is compatible with HDR and is a 4K/UHD smart TV. The TV has a simple yet elegant design and is priced at less than USD 1,000 making it one stylishly affordable smart 60-inch TV. The only feature it lacks as compared to the other Samsung smart TV series’ 60-inch models is that this one does not have a Bluetooth function. Other than this, it’s an amazing model and offers brilliant entertainment experience.

These are only a few of the top picks in the 60-inch TV category. Depending on your budget and space where you wish the TV to be placed, you may even explore bigger sizes of TVs.