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Guide to better cell phone practices

At times make it a mandatory habit to switch off the phone, which will help in saving on battery life as well as give your fingers and brain the much-needed rest. Keeping phone turned on for prolonged hours even without using it, results in unwanted consumption of the battery. So if you plan to sleep or are scheduled to attend long meetings make it a point to switch off your cell phone. In addition to this if your phone has a power saving feature ensure to switch it on.

Strike a balance
Lackadaisical behavior on the part of charging and discharging the cell phone battery may eventually hamper the battery life. We are quite habituated to either full charge or fully discharge the cell phone battery. Cases of swollen cell phone batteries or battery blasts are common if you follow this habit. Make sure to charge your phone before it is fully discharged and disconnect once it’s fully charged. Some people also tend to keep their cell phone on charge throughout the night. If you are one of these, then detach yourself from this habit to avoid any mishaps that may occur because of overheating of the cell phone batteries.

Cut off the extra
Cell phones today come with a special feature of backlight adjustment mode which allows you to check your phone in broad day light. However, it comes with an added disadvantage of excess battery consumption. If it is not extremely important to try and avoid using the backlight feature of your phone. Conserve on the battery energy by minimizing the time of usage of the backlight. The brightness adjustment feature is another reason for the early withering of a cell phone battery.

We tend to use maximum brightness while using our cell phones, due to which the cell phone battery drains at double the speed. To save on battery lives try and keep the phone brightness sufficient enough for you to understand the content. This will also help in putting less strain on your eyes as well as will help in extending your cell phone battery life.