GMC Canyon: One of the best small-sized trucks

Earlier, the pickup trucks were usually bought for heavy duty work. So, they were also associated with being big. Not much preference was given to how they looked. But those times are gone. Now, the customers want performance, looks, and strength, all in one vehicle. They want good big touchscreens and quality leather used for the cabin area. New small trucks have this all. Now, their performance may not be at par with bigger trucks, but otherwise, they are good enough. You can choose one of the new small trucks, keeping in mind your needs. If you are to go to some off-road trips, you will require a powerful engine. Or, you could choose one with more towing capacity if that is your need. So, compact trucks fulfill both your needs and wants.

GMC Canyon is one of these very useful trucks. It has a powerful engine, excellent towing capacity and the best utility you look for in a small pickup truck. With all those things you are looking for, GMC Canyon won’t disappoint you. With its world class interiors and a high performance level that every customer thrives for, GMC Canyon is a total treat. Two limitations of this new small truck include having only two seats in the base model and expensive optional configuration. If this doesn’t bother you, you have nothing to worry about. It also comes with an off-road package and is entirely trustworthy when it comes to off-road expeditions. A touch screen of 7 inches is available.

If you are looking for something to also be used as your family ride, this is not a bad choice since you have an option of having a bigger cabin area which can seat up to 5 people. Buying GMC Canyon is a huge gain to you as it has excellent configurations. So, this small but efficient vehicle is one of the best new small trucks we have got in the market.