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Few tips before you pick the right walk bathtub

Every person’s choice and need is different, and this holds true in case of personal space such as a bathroom. Every bathroom is unique, and so the decision to buy a right walk bathtub is a daunting task. Walk-in Bathtubs are often termed as senior bathtub because of its door and seat to enter and exit purpose, which is a good and safe option for the elderly. It allows one to sit comfortably.

Choosing the right walk bathtub for senior is a crucial decision, and hence one should know keep a few tips in mind before purchasing one.


While purchasing a walking bathtub, certain factors are worth considering. Fiberglass or acrylic bathtubs are common where the latter one is expensive compared to fiberglass, but prove the value where longevity is concerned. Even acrylic senior walk tubs contain fiberglass for the mold and to magnify the durability. The fiberglass walk bathtubs fade with time. However, the triple coat of epoxy inhibits the fading for a longer period. In spite of acrylic one’s longevity, fiberglass is common among homeowners for its easy-to-clean and affordability features.

Certified company and warranty

If you want to give it to your parents, don’t purchase a poor quality walk bathtubs that will result in more troubles rather than advantages. License requirements and installation procedure vary depending on the brand. So, check all those details before sealing the deal. Besides, it’s a lifetime purchase so check the guarantee or warranty terms and conditions.

Size of the walk bathtub

Variety of walk-in bathtubs are available in the market, and it’s up to your specific need to select the body frame of the walk tub for a senior. Mostly, these are within 26-35 inches in width and depends on the dimension. The ones that are between 52-60 inches long is a comfortable size for the walk bathtub for seniors who are taller.

Appropriate installation

Licensed and experienced installation services are most preferred because a poorly installed walk bathtub can bring some complications and extra expenses with probable damage to the bathroom. Get reviews from other customers to get exact knowledge about the guarantee of a brand and quality.