Common signs of colon cancer

In a majority of the cases, a colon cancer goes undetected at the earlier stages because the symptoms are not obvious. Patients usually mistake colon cancer symptoms for other minor issues. The patients must consult a doctor if any of the below-mentioned warning signs and symptoms of colon cancer are present for a prolonged period.

  • Abdominal pain – Abdominal pain is a common issue and everyone might have faced it at some point in time. Most of the times, an abdominal pain might not be because of a serious issue. Although the pain might be severe, the reason behind the pain might not be that grave. However, if someone experiences prolonged pain in unfamiliar areas, it is best to consult a doctor. The doctors might provide effective medication to soothe the pain. If further diagnosis is needed, they might even prescribe for a number of tests to gain a better understanding of the situation. Knowing the body and taking a note of the symptoms make things easy to understand.
  • Blood in stool – Blood in stool is something that everyone should consider seriously, irrespective of the cause. It is best to consult a doctor in such a situation so that they can determine the cause, which could be hemorrhoid or something more serious like a colon cancer. Bright red or dark red blood with pain is a common symptom of colon cancer. If one experiences this, they should immediately consult a doctor. The doctor will examine and might prescribe for a colonoscopy to check for tumors.
  • Abnormalities in bowel habits – Diarrhea and constipation are some of the common bowel disorders. It could be due to change in food or simple flu. However, if one experiences these for a long period, then it is something serious. If the diarrhea or constipation lasts for more than a week, it’s advisable to consult a doctor. Stool narrower than the normal ones are the symptoms of a colon cancer.

Colon cancer is the third most common cancer among people in the country and is the second leading reason for cancer deaths. There is awareness among people, however, there is a lack of a proper diagnosis. Early detection is the best to avoid such a severe disease.