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Best tech for your wrist

Technology today can be worn on the wrist to track fitness levels, count the number of steps taken every day and also monitor things like heart rate, sleep patterns, breathing levels and more.

For people who do not like to wear an open looking tracker on their wrists, the Withings Steel HR is a good option. Priced at $179.95 in the US or for £169.95 in the UK, the watch makes for the ideal activity tracker and is available easily on online shopping portals.

Withings, the watch making company, has designed the smart track watch, Withings Steel HR, keeping in mind an aesthetic need and a way to wear a fitness tracker that does not look like one. The specialty of the products designed by these watch makers and smart devices is that they create smart fitness products that do not necessarily look like smart fitness products! They look like stylish pieces of wrist wear instead.

Another elegant piece of wrist wear that automatically tracks the running activity, swimming, sleep and steps taken is the Activité Steel HR edition. With a featured analog activity dial and a system that synchronizes with the compatible smartphone, whether iOS or Android, to measure and analyze in-depth metrics, it is an aesthetically designed piece of wrist wear that helps keep the user motivated. It also has features like water resistance, and up to one-month battery backup which means that it rarely needs to be taken off to charge up for use. The Activité Steel HR edition works as a sophisticated, user-friendly and smart wearable health technology tracker for people who like to add a little elegance in their fitness trackers.

Fitbit Alta HR

Another option in a similar category is the Fitbit Alta HR that is available for $149.95 in the US and £129.95 in the UK through Fitbit retailers. The FitBit Alta HR measures the users sleep cycle and also gives tips on improving the sleep schedule and sleep quality. Its latest wrist wear has been upgraded with a slimmer design aesthetic that makes it discreet and sophisticated as compared to the previous model.