All you need to know about RV motorhomes

Looking for RV motorhomes on rent for a short duration? There are a number of them available on rent for a week, mid-week and even for a month. Be it for holidaying, camping, adventure fun you can easily hire these RV motorhomes on rent for a month or less.

These motor homes are considered as a necessity if you are an adventure enthusiast. They are furnished and well equipped with a comprehensive range of cooking equipment and utensils. They come under recreational vehicles or RVs which is a common term used in North America for vehicles with special amenities. RV motorhomes are basically used for recreational purposes such as camping, trekking, and adventurous activities. These are also known as camper home, motorhomes, and caravan in North America.

Motorhomes can be categorized into three classes. These include:

Class A: Integrated motorhome or class A motorhome is the most expensive and luxurious amongst all. It has all the basic amenities required for leading a lavish lifestyle. This comes with a solid body and is embedded with large wide windows to give a picturesque view of the surroundings. The berths in these vehicles are often converted from lounge section or dinette area. Class A motorhome offers various features to make you feel at home. These features include extended and large dining rooms, kitchens, spacious sofas, BTU furnaces, heated tanks, and much more. They also come with extra storage facilities. The price of a class A motorhome starts from $60,000 which makes it all the more desirable.

Class B: These are not as grand as Class A but offers basic amenities to make your stay worthwhile. They are smaller in size and are also known as camping vans in some parts of America. They are ideal for short trip and vacations and comes at an affordable price.It is not very huge and ranges between 16 to 21 feet. They are the most popular type of RV motorhomes and come with an economical package. It is suitable for short weekend trips and can easily carry 4 to 5 travelers.

Class C: These are a mixture of Class A and Class B motorhome and ranges between 20 to 40 feet. They are preferable for families due to its large storing capacity. They offer features like wardrobes, inbuilt pantry spaces, overhead cabinets, etc. They are ideal for long family vacations or trips.