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A closer look at how to replace garage door panels

Garages and garage doors usually have several functions that are quite different from those of the traditional storage shed that most people associate with. In today’s world, garage doors are often used to open up a living space. Garages that are converted into living spaces utilize garage doors as a distinctive and creative way to open up space, and the use of glass garage door panels help in allowing natural light to come in, thus increasing visibility. The bottom of a garage door experiences severe wear and tear. It is always advised to change the sections with new garage door panels. Let us take a look at a few steps that help replace garage door panels.

  • The first step involves raising of the garage door. This should only be done once the power of the automatic garage-door opener is disconnected. Also, important is to detach the center arm if in case the door has an opener.
  • Open the tension springs from the turnbuckles.
  • Cautiously lower the door. This can be done with the help of 2-by-4 to support it 3 – 4 inches off the ground in order to make removing of the bottom garage door panel easier.
  • Using the ratcheting nut driver, loosen the bolts on the brackets. This should be done by holding the bottom panel in its true place. It’s important here to ensure that the center bracket is kept between the first and second panels.
  • The next step involves placing of the 2-by-4 edge under the door in order to brace the bottom panel when lowered. After it’s done, wisely remove 2-by-4 sustaining the door at the center. Ensure that the vise clamps hold the upper part of the door in place.
  • Loosen the bolts holding the bottom garage door panel to the center bracket, then remove the panel and finally replace it with new garage door panel. Also, it is important to line up the bottom corners of the cable anchors.
  • As soon as the brackets of garage door panels are attached, drill holes and then mount the new handle. Furthermore, raise the garage door and only then reconnect the tension springs along with garage door opener.

If you are looking for garage door replacement panels or thinking where to find garage door repair near me, then you should always research about the local repair services.