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A closer look at best Android phones of 2017

Large, sleek, or handy if you are looking for a new smartphone you will find the Android phones that fit your needs. And with Apple’s contrasting inflexible device release cycle, Google’s partners release a limitless torrent of new handsets through the year. But that’s where the issue begins; with so many choices, how do you pick the one meant for you?

You are in luck, we check and review the best android phones available with the big US carriers. Remember, while the reviews may not show your service provider of your choice, most of the phones in this list are well-matched with, several US carriers.

Look at the top picks for Android phones today:

Google Pixel: If you really want the latest Android software and fantastic new features in your trusty Google Pixel XL, but aren’t a fan of large phones, this 5-inch Pixel is an amazing option.

Google Pixel XL: The Pixel XL has the latest Android OS, very good hardware, and definite backing from Google, which makes it one of the best large-display android phones you can opt for.

LG V20: This gorgeous LG V20 phablet is teeming with features that will attract the average Android phone users, to audiophiles and photographers, alike.

Motorola Moto Z Force Droid: This device from Motorola for Verizon Wireless users integrates many in-trends into a worry-free, expandable smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active (AT&T): With the Galaxy S7 Active, Samsung introduces a shatter proof body with a battery larger than the remarkable Galaxy S7, which makes it the best tough Android phone AT&T consumers can get.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: The Galaxy S7 Edge links hi-tech mechanisms with a nifty, stunning design and a giant battery, making it a fantastic Android smartphone.

ZTE Axon 7: The ZTE Axon is an Android phone that appears and performs like cell phones, which cost 2x that. What’s more, it is unlocked and costs $400 only.

OnePlus 3T: The OnePlus 3T is not a big upgrade over the popular OnePlus 3, but it is still a good unlocked phone with a long battery life, silky smooth performance, and a highly customizable software.