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4 useful things to know about the Sony Bravia 55XE90

Buying a 4K TV is a difficult task as there are so many brands that have a variety of TVs with the latest technologies and features. Selecting the perfect 4K TV becomes a challenge when we see many TVs having issues with the brightness or something else.

Sony has looked after these problems and brought forward a solution for these. This has been done by launching the Sony Bravia 55XE90. This Sony 4K TV comes with a wide range of screen sizes. It comes in 49 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches, and also 75 inches if you are looking for something bigger.

  • Design: The Sony Bravia 55XE90 has a premium-looking design. It has a thin matte black bezel with an aluminum trim. The central support of silver slate pedestal stand provides better cable management. It is also convenient to fit it on an IKEA TV furniture. The XE90 is quite slim and also comes with a sizeable power brick.
  • Android TV: This Sony 4K TV screen has a dual satellite and terrestrial HD tuners. It runs on Android TV OS, which has become well known in Sony TV sets. Android TVs are arranged in tiers—the topmost have tutorials and advertisements, followed by rows of apps, games, and input settings. All the apps including Amazon Videos, Netflix, and YouTube are available on the TV.
  • HD/SDR and 4K HDR performances: This Sony 4K TV’s FALD backlight gives good uniformity to dark tones. The Bravia XE90 has X-tended Dynamic Range Pro with XDR. Image quality is a total win for this set. It comes with clarity and vivid colors. The TV set by Sony certainly impresses us by its uniformity of the illumination. Regarding the advanced settings, it includes X-tended dynamic range, local dimming, and advanced contrast enhancer.
  • Sound: The sound system of this Sony 4K TV will surprise you with amazing stereo separation. It also has two 10-watts-amps, which create a less muffled soundstage.

Altogether, the Sony Bravia XE90 is quite impressive with all the functions and features it has.