4 entry-level jobs you can land with a criminal justice degree

Criminal justice degrees handle a variety of specializations like public safety and law enforcement, correction, criminology, social work, law, etc. But after finishing a criminal justice major, it is tough to get your dream job right away. This is because such degrees work on practical skills and qualities that need to be refined with experience. So, to accomplish any long-term professional ambitions, you should begin by taking a small step, i.e., by getting entry-level jobs. To minimize your efforts, here are some of the popular entry-level jobs that can be considered for shaping your career.

Patrol officer – To be a detective or a federal agent, you will first have to work your way through positions. Commonly, one can start working as a patrol officer, who is required to maintain law and order in a specific geographical area. They have an assortment of duties like monitoring reported areas for unlawful activities, making arrests, administering traffic laws, and efficiently communicating with police personnel belonging to other departments.

Forensics expert – An integral part of investigation agencies, forensics have increasingly become a popular option amongst students, mostly because its unique approach towards solving crimes. A bachelor’s degree in criminal justice offers specialized coursework for aspiring criminologists, DNA analysts, ballistics experts, crime scene specialists, etc. For a subject like criminology, you will also need to grasp imperative concepts and techniques related to chemistry and biology.

Police dispatcher – Did you major in law enforcement? Then you can start by working as a police dispatcher, who is responsible for taking emergency calls and sending uniforms for assistance. As a dispatcher, you will need to have sharp listening and quick decision-making skills, so that even the most horrible situation can be dealt with tact. While working as a dispatcher, you will also get an opportunity to learn about additional police duties and functions.

Social worker – If you wish to work as a social worker, you can look for positions in several government departments. Such a job mainly deals with counseling the convicts and facilitating assistance in the form of employment, legal services, child custody rights, etc. As criminal justice graduate, you can do well in this field, as you possess a profound understanding of personal motivations of perpetrators. And this can help you prevent them from committing any crimes in future.