4 common trends in men’s jewelry

When it comes to men’s jewelry, the accessories remain the same, the trends sort of come and go. We say sort of because it seems the styles of the 70s, 80s, and 90s have often made major comebacks through different seasons.

Here are some of the major trends commonly observed in men’s jewelry over the years:

Leather-strapped watches
When it comes to trends in men’s watches, metallic straps have been forever in vogue. Gold, silver, and even diamond-studded watches have been quite popular choices for men’s watches. Bracelet or bangle watches do end up making an occasional appearance in the men’s fashion circuit. However, it seems the leather-straps of the 70s often make a comeback. Leather-strapped watches are quite trendy and common in men’s accessories and jewelry category. Irrespective of the design of the dial, a leather strap adds a stylish and a classy look to any man.

Single earring
While the trend in men’s watches keeps going through a 70s retrospective, it’s a throwback to the 80’s when it comes to actual jewelry for men. We are talking about the single earring trend. The 90s saw double earring dominate the trend. Nowadays, it the single earring that is a hot pick. Depending on personal styles, there is everything available from subtle and delicate studs to jazzy diamonds. The design of the earring is not a big deal, but wearing just a single earring is what gives a man the trendy look.

Bracelets in contrast
Like watches, rings, and chains, bracelets have always been a part of men’s accessories and jewelry. They never went anywhere, and never needed a comeback. However, the styles and designs have definitely gone through changes. Also, personal style often trumps trends when it comes to bracelets. Nonetheless, the present trend has something for everyone. For those looking for something classy, high-quality diamond bracelets can be quite a crowd-puller. Then there are rebellious bracelets for those who like go off the beaten track, and the recycled, brutalist, extra thin, and/or chunky bracelets can add a touch of eccentricity to any style and look.

90’s comeback
Watches from the 70s, earrings from the 80s, and chains from the 90s. For those on the quirky side, body chains around the torso are getting quite a lot of spotlight. Big chains and necklaces are also making a comeback as a juxtaposition accessory between streetwear and high fashion.