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3 things to remember before buying a cheap laptop for students

While browsing for cheap laptops, the obvious thing one is looking at is the price. However, some other things also need to be taken into consideration before you zero in on the perfect one for you. If you are a student looking for cheap laptops, here are some things you should consider:

  • Portability and power: First, you have to decide whether you will be carrying your laptop to class every day to make notes or will be just leaving it in your room for occasional homework and assignments. If you are planning to carry it around, then you will need a lighter laptop with a battery that lasts for the day. Also, if you are in a course that does not need heavy laptop use (for example, general arts subjects), you should opt for a cheap laptop that has a minimum of a 4GB RAM and 64GB storage.
  • Detachable and convertibles: One way you can get cheap laptops with portability, as well as a touchscreen, is by getting one with cheap detachable accessories or convertible laptops. Some Windows laptops are like tablets, with a detachable keyboard that doubles up as a screen cover. Convertibles are laptops with 360 degrees hinges. This lets them convert from the traditional laptop to a tablet or “tent mode.” These laptops are lighter in comparison to others and also a lot cheaper.
  • Student discounts: Different laptop companies offer discounts for students. For example, Lenovo offers students a 10 percent discount on their entire purchase. The Dell University program offers students a Dell Price Match option wherein if a student finds a laptop with the same specifications at a lower price; Dell will try to match its price with the same. The company also offers students exclusive PCs and cheap laptops.

Some students are always on a tight budget. Hence, whether you are just getting into college or have a friend who is in university, looking out for affordable laptop options is always good. So choose the perfect laptop to suit your needs and enjoy your college life.