3 popular types of dog foods

The market is flooded with a wide variety of dog foods that come in several forms. The best dog foods are typically the ones that provide optimum nutrition and help increase and the dog’s immunity. While it is also true that the best types of dog foods vary according to a dog’s breed, age, and activity level, your dog’s preference to a certain type of food may be a good deciding factor when it comes to getting the ideal dog food. Most dog foods are formulated such that they vary in consistency and flavor. Apart from the dog’s taste, the form of dog food you would opt for may also depend on your convenience. Some of the popular types of dog foods are as follows:

Most dog owners generally prefer canned dog foods as these are readily available in stores and can be served on the go. One of the best things about canned dog food is that it is high in protein and fulfills your dog’s daily dietary requirements. While canned foods claim to have a substantial amount of protein, the presence of digestible protein in canned foods is highly contested. Despite its claim to be one of the healthiest dog foods, most owners believe that it may not be one of the most nutritious. Therefore, to ensure that your dog gets all the nourishment, it is important you pick only those canned dog foods that are approved by a certified authority.

Dry or kibble foods
Dry dog foods are one of the most affordable dog foods. Kibble foods for dogs are made such that they can last long even without refrigeration. Since this type of dog food is dry, it can help keep your dog’s teeth strong and healthy. This is essentially why most vets recommend new dog owners to give their pets dry dog food.

While some brands still offer semi-moist dog foods, they may not be as healthy as some of the popular all-natural dog treats. While most pet owners may find semi-moist food more convenient than their all-natural counterparts, it is recommended that pet owners try to give their dogs home-cooked food that is more nourishing and nurturing than most store-bought products.