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3 popular models from the Samsung Galaxy mobile series

Samsung has been one of most popular smartphone companies. The brand offers some of the best phones, tablets, and other gadgets from time to time. The Samsung Galaxy series is one such set of amazing smartphones from Samsung that has taken over the cell phone market.

Here are a few of the top models of the Samsung Galaxy mobile series.

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus: The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is ideal for those who like a large screen. The phone comes with a 6.2-inch large screen and looks every bit elegant despite the big size of it. What makes the Samsung Galaxy mobile series phone so attractive is that it has a very sleek design. The phone’s large display and super efficient processor are some of the features that make it stand out. It comes with an 8MP front camera and a 12MP rear camera.
  • Samsung Galaxy S7: This is another popular smartphone from the Samsung Galaxy mobile series; it has a Super AMOLED like its other S series counterparts. It is worth every buck with its superb display and impressive camera. The phone comes with a 12MP rear camera with dual pixel and a 5MP front camera. It is water resistant and offers an expandable memory slot of up to 256GB. If you like a curvier phone, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from the Samsung Galaxy mobile series offers all the features of the S7 but with a curvier design.
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge offers an efficient performance with the Samsung Exynos® 7420 Octa-core 64-bit processor. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with 32GB memory and 5.1-inch display make it one of the best phones for entertainment. The phone comes with a brilliant 16 MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera.

These are just a few of models from the S series; you can explore the rest of them to find out which one best suits your needs.