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3 popular business mobiles phones for professionals

The invention of the mobile phone and the development of the internet has proven highly beneficial for businesses. The multi-functionality of smartphones has helped in the smooth flow of various business processes and also in improving productivity levels.

These smartphones are now available at various price ranges making them affordable and accessible to a large chunk of the population. Choosing a phone that offers versatility regarding the platforms and devices one can access using the phone and data security are two important features of ideal business phones.

Here are our top three picks of the year for the best mobile phones for business:

  • Samsung Galaxy S8: One of the noticeable features when you first look at this phone is its sleek and suave design which makes it a convenient phone to carry around. This business mobile phone offers a perfect battery life which is an important feature that professionals want on their phones. The phone’s fingerprint sensor security feature is yet another reason why it is a popular phone.
  • Google Pixel XL: This model offers a long lasting battery life and is especially great when you are traveling for work and don’t get enough opportunities to charge your phone. Since it is a phone from Google, it comes with the latest version of the Android OS and receives updates on the OS before any other phones. This feature makes it an ideal business mobile phone. The versatile set of Google apps that are accessible on Google Pixel XL is great for managing your work efficiently.
  • iPhone 7 Plus: iPhone has always been one of the preferred phones of professionals, thanks to its advanced business phone features. It has everything that a good business mobile phone should have: roomy display, long battery life, and a superfast performance.

When looking for a mobile phone for professional use, always take into account the features you need the most. This is an investment which is worth splurging on as it is more than just a calling device.