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3 popular 4K TVs from Sony that are perfect for your home

In this fast-paced world, we have to keep moving forward, or we will be left behind. The same way when it comes to technologies, we need to have the newest stuff in the market. And, when it comes to 4K TVs, we need to have one of those in our homes to make our home look trendy and stylish.

Selecting a suitable 4K TV for your home will need some research. Given below are some of the most popular Sony 4K TVs you might want to have a look at.

  • Sony X935D: The Sony X935D is a 4K HDR TV with a 4K processor X1. It has a TRILUMINOS display that will give life-like colors. It ensures that every picture you see on this TV will be as realistic as possible. It also has innovative magic speakers that deliver powerful sound with texture and detail. The wedge design gives it a slim look on top and keeps getting thicker from the bottom. Though this Sony 4K TV is not the slimmest, it will look good in your home.
  • Sony Bravia XE93: This Sony 4K TV has a backlight feature which provides maximum brightness. It has the new X1 Extreme chipset that analyses noise. It also has TRILUMINOS display for delivering wide color ranges. This Sony Bravia has a very distinctive design. The diamond pattern engraved in the back panel is the most peculiar feature of the TV. A well-built black and glossy frame makes it look neat and sleek. There are large sections of removable panels on the back designed for hiding the cable wires. The TV has HD SDR and 4K HDR. It has good sound quality, too. Overall, it is a great TV set.
  • Sony Bravia XE90: The design of this premium-looking Sony 4K TV is magnificent. It has a thin matte black bezel with an aluminum trim. The silver slate pedestal stand provides better cable management. Regarding connectivity, this TV has dual satellite and HD tuners. This is a Smart TV with Android system. It has an HD SDR and a 4K HDR. The sound quality is better because of the two 10 watts amps.