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3 good reasons to use a color laser printer

With so much of advancement in technology, gone are the days when maintaining a laser color printer was an expensive affair. Yes, the device may cost more than the traditional inkjet printers, but the expense of running it is economical.

This kind of printer is a good choice for small businesses as it can serve efficiently for medium scale printing jobs. The refills and other spare parts for color laser printers are easily available in the market and run for a good duration of time before they need to be replaced.

Here are some of the advantages of a color laser printer.

  • Fast printing: Laser printers can cover 100-200 page jobs easily within no time and without killing the machine. This is unlike what would have been the case for inkjet printers whose ink may just run out after large printing jobs. This speed and efficiency can due to the powder filled toner cartridges used in a color laser printer.
  • No smearing and no smudging: The technology used in a color laser printer prevents the ink on the printed paper from smudging and smearing. However, this will also depend on the quality of the paper you use for printing. A color laser printer is especially great for professional use as smeared or smudged ink on official documents may look unprofessional.
  • Costs: While the initial cost of buying the printer and the later on a cost of replacing the toner cartridges may be relatively higher as compared to other printers, the cost one incurs per page will still be less. This is because toner cartridges meant for a laser color printer last for a longer duration and support a larger amount of pages as compared to the toner refills of other categories of printers.

Other advantages of a color printer include the clarity of prints, lesser maintenance, and a whole lot more! These days there are some great printers available in the market which offer a high-quality printing experience, like the HP printers, which are both efficient and feasible. So get your new laser printer today!