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10 best Michelin star restaurants in the country

Michelin stars are what every gourmet chef worth his salt desires for. They are the Oscars of the restaurant world. The first Michelin Red Guide was released in 1900 and for a long time, all the Michelin star restaurants were found in France and some cities of Europe. Since then, it has surfed across the Atlantic to review the fine dining options in the country. Michelin stars are ranked as three stars for excellent cuisine, two stars for great cuisine, and one star is for a good restaurant. Here is a list of the best Michelin star restaurants in the country.

Chef’s Table at Brooklyn FareLocated in the annex of an upmarket grocery store, it is an unlikely housing for one of the best Michelin restaurants. It takes weeks to book a place in advance at this restaurant and to savor the cooking of over 20 plus course-tasting menu.

  • Eleven Madison Park
    An iconic setting, outstanding hospitality, and exquisite food to match make Eleven Madison Park a celebrated restaurant in New York.
  • Jean Georges
    This is a culinary history in motion when the exquisite dishes are crafted with a blend of the finest ingredients in this Michelin star restaurant in New York.
  • Le Bernardin
    An ultimate destination in New York for seafood lovers, the menu here is full of refined dishes that have a fusion of French and Asian delicacies.
  • Masa
    Glorious elegance is sure to wow you in this high-end Japanese restaurant in New York. On the menu is sushi in modern elegant settings.
  • Per Se
    This is the best dining place for a French fine-dining experience, located right in the heart of New York. It is a journey in haute cuisine.
  • Benu
    Each dish seems to be breathtaking and full of imagination at this three-star Michelin restaurant located in San Fransisco.
  • The French Laundry
    For a gourmet meal to remember, head towards The French Laundry in California. The standards of hospitality are exceptionally high.
  • Manresa
    A welcoming and sassy restaurant in Bay Area, it is welcomingly hospitable. The excellent menu is inspired by seasonal ingredients.
  • Saison
    The concerted efforts for an eye on detail and impeccable attention to all aspects are what makes this restaurant stand apart in San Francisco.
  • Alinea
    Stationed in Chicago, the restaurant divulges the thin line between food and art. It is not a restaurant in the conventional sense as it touches and raises your artistic sensibilities.

Some other equally renowned Michelin restaurants include Grace, Quince, and The Restaurant at Meadowood.